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prospection diachronique [X]
56 [X]
Date (Année)
1985 [X]

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RAP00565.pdf ((56). quatre communes du Morbihan : carentoir)
  • (56). quatre communes du Morbihan : carentoir
  • 56
  • EAST BRITTANY SURVEY: QUST-VILAINE UATERSHED REPORT ON FIELDWORK IN MARCH-APRIL 1985 The fourth season in a programme of fieldwork, itself part of a larger, multi-discipl inary study of the rel ati onshi p between land-use and seulement during the last two thousand years, took
  • , 1984b). The latter analysis has been completed and, as demonstrated below, is of particular significance for fieldwork. The 1985 season involved fieldwalking over large areas at wide intervais, as in 1982 - 84; fieldwalking four selected areas in 5m squares for 'total' surface
  • ' 'Possible' L 4 (2.3%) 26 (14.9%) 34 (19.5%) F 5 (3.2%) 22 (14%) 40 (25.5%) C 9 (6.8%) 21 (15.9%) 26 (19.7%) Total s 18 (3.9%) 69 (14.9%) 100 (21.6%) Ail types 64 (36.8%) 67 (42.7%) 56 187 (40.4%) (42.4%) Fields 174 157 132 463 wal ked (Percentages of fields walked per transect
  • to be found within areas of nineteenth-century arable, as always - especially in bandes (literally 'bands 1 , arable divided into tenant parcels) - and the proportion was comparable with that of 1984 (70.1% of concentrations in 1985, as compared with 66.7%). The remainder occurred
  • and hal 1 . Local pronunci ation material collected while fieldwalking has again suggested that the influence of the vernacular language is évident in scattered parts of the study area; initial stress on Trignac and Kerhal , for example, are notable. Pi scussi on The 1985 season
  • of Trignac and on the western outskirts of Carentoir village, a striking contrast with that collected around Treal centre in 1984 (Astill and Davies 1984c: 56). In fact, the combination of material again suggests that modem settlements generate little scatter and that - in this study area
  • surface collections (principally during May 1985). This is sufficient to make it clear that a proportion of the commonly occurring surface material on our fields is imported - from good quai ity modem si ate to harder schi stes, both used largely for roofing but also within the mud si
  • Department of Archaeol ogy University of Reading Wendy Davies Department of History University Collège London Whi tekni ghts Reading RG6 2AA Gower Street London WC1E 6BT 30 July 1985 REFERENCES André", P. 1974 'Le site médiéval de Kerl ano-en-Pl umel ec (Morbihan)', Archéologie en
  • , Sussex Bell, M. 1983 'Valley sédiments as évidence of prehistoric land-use on the South Downs', Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, xlix, 119-150. 1+ EAST BRITTANY SURVEY 1985 £J3 fields walked m 1965 ■— — commune boundaries A • ■ sites A c* U probable • médiéval si tes